Antiplatelet therapy prevents hepatocellular carcinoma and improves survival in a mouse model of chronic hepatitis B.

Sitia, G., Aiolfi R., Di Lucia P., Mainetti M., Fiocchi A., Mingozzi F., Esposito A., Ruggeri Z.M., Chisari F.V., Iannacone M., Guidotti L.G. 2012
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, doi:10.1073/pnas.1209182109 (highlighted in PNAS, Nat Rev Gastroenterology & Hepatology)

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B Cell Maintenance of Subcapsular Sinus Macrophages Protects against a Fatal Viral Infection Independent of Adaptive Immunity

Moseman E.A.*, Iannacone M.*§, Bosurgi L., Tonti E., Chevrier N., Tumanov A., Fu X.Y., Hacohen N., von Andrian U.H.§ 2012
Immunity, 36:415
* equal contribution, §corresponding author

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